Identify your opportunities in a digital world

Nowadays, everything becomes faster, easier and more digital. It is obvious, that no longer only private communication is affected. Therefore it is necessary to deal with the digital opportunities as a company now.

Digitization of existing guest communication

The first important step is the digitization of present procedures. Let’s take a look at the complaint management first:

Common methods in the branch of complaint management usually include to kinds: firstly there’s the pure face-to-face situation, which means that an employee is directly contacted by a guest about a problem. Secondly, there’s the feedback solution using paper questionnaires that ask genereal questions and are handed out after the guest’s stay.

1) Face-to-Face

In the digital age, this form of complaint management has become very rare. Instead of directly confronting the staff with their problems or praise, guets usually use online platforms to inform potential future guests about their experience. What seems quite positive at first sight, is quickly revealed negative: the percentage of dissatisfied guests that make their opinion public is much higher than the satisfied ones – even when this doesn’t represent the real distribution. Additionally, even triteness is discussed on these platforms, that could have been easily solved in a direct approach to the staff.

And even if the face-to-face confrontation is chosen by guests, there is no guarantee the personal handles the situation well. This mainly results from guest’s chosing general points of contact, like the reception area, rather than chosing the direct contact person. A forwarding of the information or complaint to the person in charge therefore implies a training for the staff and furthermore costs lots of time that could be saevd using different solutions.

Summed up, face-to-face complaint management usually is:

  • replaced by online platforms
  • too general
  • too slow

2) Paper questionnaires

An advancement of the simple face-to-face solution has been the paper questionnaire. By asking concrete questions, guest’s were supposed to be animated to think about different areas of their stay, e.g. to rate positive experiences as well.  Usually this is offered post-stay by positioning the chart in the room or handing it over at the reception.

Only producing the questionnaire is costly and complex. Additionally to the variable costs of printing the sheets, even the smallest changes require a complete make over and a new printing. Also the animation of guests to answer the questions is hard. Sheer filling out the form is a great effort for the guests and therefore deters them from giving feedback. Afterwards, the evaluation has to be made arduously manual.

Paper questionnaires are often:

  • too expensive
  • too complex
  • not efficient

That’s exactly where you can start using digital solutions to optimize your complaint management long term. Systems like iFeedback® allow the digital recording on stationary terminals, as well as in form of a web app and an app in the app store on your guests’ own smartphone. An additional integration of the HolidayCheck widget allows satisfied guests to directly publish their feedback on online rating platforms. To be able to directly handle the feedback, push-notifications can inform the single employees in realtime about the complaints and therefore guarantee the forwarding to the people in charge. The automatic evaluation in form of a reporting facilitates the analysis of the recorded data.

The digitization of existing processes in guest communication with digital feedback solutions like iFeedback® is a first step towards the digitization of your company.

Digitization of new functions

Once the first step is made, by optimizing the existing processes via digitization, it is time to use the new opportunities in the next step to create new functions. This is best performed by developing your own app.

The digital hotel guide by BHM Media Solutions GmbH allows you to easily and quickly present all relevant information about your company. The integration of a list of employees facilitates the contact to your staff: guests can easily find the right person to contact. Because the app is not only used at the hotel but also on the guests personal smartphone, the owners can directly book their room via app. The registration allows you to directly contact your target group.

You can also integrate individual developments in the hotel guide. In close cooperation with your company our experts are keen to develop individual functions.

Experience digitization live

Experience the advantages of digitization for your company. Profit from better ratings on online platform, more direct bookings and a significant decline of complaints.

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