All New: The Kameha Grand Zurich Guest-App

 Since 29th June 2016 the Kameha Grand Zurich Guest-App is available in the iTunes Store for free. Guests can use the advantages of the app before, during and after their […]

16.08.2016|Hotel, Retail|

What travellers really want

Do you still think that travellers love to go on vacation with their partners? You are completely wrong. A study by and Egencia shows the surprising result.

What is the first thing […]


Changes in the hotel industry

What’s new in the field of travel and tourism and how can hoteliers use these changes at its best?

The hotel industry is again facing profound changes overlooking a year […]


CRM-Suite for the automotive industry

CRM finally arrived in Germany
The markets are saturated and the price determined no longer exclusively the struggle to win the favor of customers. Friendliness, competence, reliability and cleanliness have become […]


Real-time feedback at Deutsche Bahn

1. Idea
In cooperation with Cheil and Deutsche Bahn BHM GROUP developed an app that shall be able to simplify travelling with Deutsche Bahn for passengers with impaired mobility and make […]


6 Tips for more customer loyalty

Summertime is traveling time and therefore also peak season for the hotel industry as well as travel and airlines companies. Learn how to successfully prevail in the fast growing market […]


4 Tips for In Store Customer Activation

Nowadays, the retail industry is facing huge challenges: online shops and easily comparable and exchangeable services lead to a permanent price war and an ever decreasing customer loyalty. To cope […]


Sales generating features for your app

1. More contact due to registration:
Customer Profiles
Learn everything about your guests. With the registration-function you are enabled to address your messages target-orientated to your guests preferences. Get to know which app-users […]


How to digitize your company step-by-step

Identify your opportunities in a digital world

Nowadays, everything becomes faster, easier and more digital. It is obvious, that no longer only private communication is affected. Therefore it is necessary to […]


4 things you lose without an app

In today’s digital world, almost every company needs its own app. Get to know, what you lose and which opportunities you might miss by ignoring this trend.
Loss of bookings
With your own […]