CRM finally arrived in Germany

The markets are saturated and the price determined no longer exclusively the struggle to win the favor of customers. Friendliness, competence, reliability and cleanliness have become elemental components which are required from a customer at the point of sale. The German automotive retail landscape has reacted with immense speed, led quality standards, gave the dealerships a new look referred to “corporate identity” guidelines and then called the customer to elicit whether they have now done everything right to the fullest satisfaction.
The regulars’ table of the nation got het up over this annoying call back across the country.

The revolution of customer contact

„Better to take a first delicate attempt to meet the needs of customers“, reassured the BMW dealer Tammo Kayser who is located in Lower Saxony Oldenburg with his group. Contacting a customer after a service is basically nothing new. Something like that has been a common practice in any good hotel for quite some time. Tammo Kayser had its own customer relationship department (CRM) already in his company long before the telephonic customer demand got to a compulsory exercise. Together with his wife, who has previously directed a chain of travel agencies, the two spotted the love of professional customer care. All customer concerns negative and positive nature are collected and process in a five-member team.

And processed means, complaints are not archived, but that they are done with the customer, to his satisfaction. A system was needed, because customer instructions came in through all departments and all companies to every time of the day. Kayser developed along with the BHM Group a cloud-based PCV system for the automotive trade named iFeedback® Automotive.

Integration of feedbacks from every source

Kayser did not only receive commendation, criticism and suggestions over the specially created digital feedback channel iFeedback®. By connecting with existing CRM channels feedbacks were collected, combined and hierarchized from all sources. The entire editing process from the input of the feedback to the complete clarification of the problem is documented via a ticket system in the HelpDesk. In this way it can be ensured that no more feedback will be lost, but also specific instructions are given on how to proceed and those who are responsible can also be determined. This digitization of CRM at the Freese Group marked an important and forward-looking step for customer communication in the automotive industry.

Through the establishment of the system weaknesses were identified already within a few months at Freese Group and a demonstrably higher customer satisfaction can be achieved through direct communication with customers. Even faster and more focused execution of incoming complaints could be achieved.

Long-term optimization of customer service

The fact that this feedback can drag directly profound improvements in quality of service became clear after a short time. By evaluating the feedback received via iFeedback® it quickly became clear that an always accessible and flexible way to make an appointment for the customer is a top priority. Based on the excisting iFeedback® system an app was developed that allows the customer not only the delivery of feedback but also a digital and flexible appointment arrangement at any time.

The combination of a holistic customer-centric concept from the Kaysers and the technical know-how of the BHM Group, and its long experience in the field of digital customer communication, creates a unique platform which modernized the customer in the automotive industry significantly and customers get even more excited. This success shows that it may be only a matter of time before other automobile dealers realize  the requirements of a modern customer relationship management and incorporate feedback systems such iFeedback® Automotive as a CRM system.

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